Me, my thoughts

I never thought photography was in me. It just kind of happened. No one in my family had tried it. It started all of a sudden in a family program, where I met a photographer and was inspired to add photography to my life. After that things happen very fast.

I believe that to master photography one must embrace nature. To me photography is capturing beauty in its purest form.

I love my work and try to take pleasure in what I do. There is nothing more joyful than seeing the world through the lens. My pictures are my interpretation of life. I have spent a lot of time reflecting on things such as my "style" of photography. Style comes with time and is difficult to force. I think style is less important than being aware of the literal nature of the image I see and striving to go beyond that in an aesthetic sense to create a captivating image.

In a word my photography is a summation of all these. I hope that my work is an inspiration to all.


Ziaul Haque, Freelance photographer
Born and brought up in Bangladesh

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